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Grant Klembara, CFO

After graduating from Wabash College, Grant joined RISE Air – a premium membership-based air travel company based in Dallas, TX. During his time as RISE’s Marketing Coordinator and Salesforce Administrator, Grant determined all offline and online marketing budget allocations. He also outline and constructed an online digital targeting strategy that looped together a new marketing website, numerous digital re-marketing campaigns across Facebook and Google Adwords, and a new Salesforce CRM and marketing automation strategy designed to improve lead management. In addition, he served as the liaison between all 3rd party marketing vendors/agencies, and the project lead for three ‘launch’ events geared towards new member acquisition.

After leaving RISE, Grant became an Optimization Director for NextAfter – a nonprofit research lab and consultancy based in Frisco, TX. During his time with NextAfter, Grant documented over 50 digital marketing experiments focused on improving conversion rate, total traffic, and average gift, with the hope of answering one underlying question: “Why do donors give?” While conducting A/B tests across online ads, landing pages, and checkout pages, Grant also led online acquisition efforts across 8 major nonprofit organizations, totaling over $5 million in annual advertising spend. 

At the beginning of 2018, Grant began his own consultancy with the desire to rapidly grow established eCommerce companies through a data-driven approach to inbound marketing and relentless testing and optimization.

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