Test #008: How Ad Format Impacts Post Engagement Rate

EXPERIMENT QUESTION: If We Introduce a Rotating Carousel Ad That Includes Additional Product Imagery, Can We Increase The Force of the Value Proposition and Increase Post Engagement Rate?


Waterloo Sparkling Water is an Austin-based beverage company that produces zero calorie, naturally-flavored sparkling water. Named for the 1830s-era Texas village that would later become Austin, Waterloo has gained national attention and demand (outperforming LaCroix in various taste tests). 

As Waterloo continues to introduce its product on a national level, they have seen that seen that directly targeting people in or within a few miles of their stores is a cost effective way to reach their target audience. However, they've noticed that engagement has been low. They have primarily used single-image static ads for this type of reach campaign. They wondered: Will a rotating carousel ad that includes additional product imagery increase post engagement rate?

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.28.25 AM.png


This 'control' version contains a 'Now Available' graphic that has continually produced high results throughout their store campaign launches. There is image of the product and a banner highlighting the store's availability with a 'Now Available' image headline. Here are the observed results: 

Control: 523,843 people reached, 35 actions (0.01% Action Rate)






Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.28.47 AM.png


This treatment version uses the carousel ad format. This ad format actually contains the 'Now Available' image, as we as three product images. You'll also notice that there is a more prominent headline on each carousel 'card.' The observed results for this version were:  

235,178 people reached, 438 actions (0.19% Action Rate)




This experiment reached ~750,000 individuals and came to completion at a 99% confidence level. This data sample makes it clear that the rotating carousel positively impacted the post engagement rate.   

While this is a significant difference worth noting, these results align with what we expect to see. This particular ad format is designed to be interactive. It has been shown time and time again to increase engagement because it incentivizes viewers to scroll and click on a handful carousel cards. The addition of the bold CTA at the bottom of each card also alerts the users to a clickthrough opportunity.  

Concluding thoughts: 

When it comes to setting up a campaign, it's important to first ask: What is my goal? The answer to this question will help you determine what ad format is best to use. While a single-static ad can be a great choice for reaching a broader audience, the carousel format may be a better choice if you'd like to get your viewers to actually engage with your brand.

Grant Klembara