Test #021: How Landing Page Headlines Can Impact Incentive

EXPERIMENT QUESTION: If we emphasize the ‘free’ nature of our online livestream, can we increase incentive and conversion?


1517 is a non-profit organization in Irvine, California dedicated to upholding the legacy of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible, as was rediscovered through the Lutheran Reformation in 1517. They provide oversight and power a variety of theological resource platforms including a podcast network, a publishing house, an online Academy, a speaker network and an annual national conference.

Each year in October, they hold a nationwide conference in San Diego, CA called ‘Here We Still Stand.’ This conference is a celebration of the biblical truths that were rediscovered in the Protestant Reformation. They sold out of in-person tickets very early this year, and have decided to promote their free online livestream for those who weren’t able to purchase a ticket. On this ‘livestream signup’ page they wondered: If we emphasize the ‘free’ nature of the livestream offer, can we increase incentive and conversion?



This control version of the livestream signup page offers the ability to 'get exclusive access to the livestream now.’ It also includes a description of what speakers will be attending, what benefits come with the free livestream, and and testimonial of a previous attendee. Here are the observed results:

Control: 1281 visitors, 422 (33% Conversion Rate)



This treatment version of the livestream signup page offers the ability to 'sign up now for free and reserve your spot’ Everything else is the same as the control. Here are the observed results:

103 visitors, 21 enrollees (20.39% Conversion Rate)




This experiment did not reach a 95% confidence level, and therefore, did not achieve a statistically significant result.

It’s apparent that the addition of this headline did not have a serious impact on incentive to convert for page visitors.

Concluding thoughts: 

Your headline is the first thing that people will see when they visit your page. In order to make sure that you get that first, crucial ‘micro-yes,’ you should continually test your headlines to ensure that it resonated with your target audience.

Grant Klembara